A Month of Exchange Server 2007 Tips – Week 2

This month, TechNet Magazine is running a month of Exchange Server 2007 tips, posting a new tip every day Monday through Friday.  Here's what we posted over the second week of March.

Prevent Internal Servers from Being Filtered
In six easy steps, you can configure message delivery options for your organization’s transport servers so that they don’t apply filters to IP addresses from internal servers and your perimeter network.

Assign and Remove Membership for Individual Users, Groups, and Contacts
All users, groups, and contacts can be members of other groups. To configure a group’s membership, follow these steps.

Easily Enable and Disable Web Access for Individual Users
Exchange Server 2007 enables Outlook Web Access for each user by default. In five steps, however, you can easily disable Outlook Web Access for specific users.

Manage Public Folders: Copy, Move, Delete, and Recover Public Folders
If you need more information on how to copy, move, delete or recover public folders, this tip's for you.

Edit and Apply E-mail Address Policies
There are several ways to manage e-mail address policies in Exchange Server 2007. We show you the necessary steps for three options.

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