A Month of Exchange Server 2007 Tips – Week 1

This month, TechNet Magazine is running a month of Exchange Server 2007 tips, posting a new tip every day Monday through Friday.  Here's what we posted for the first week.

Use the Exchange Management Shell to Create New Mail Users and Mailboxes
Use the Exchange Management Shell, based on Windows PowerShell, to create new mail and to create a new mailbox resource. Here are the cmdlets and the additional parameters you'll need.

Viewing Current Mailbox Size, Message Count, and Last Logon
We show you how to use the Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet to view who last logged in to a mailbox, last logon date and time, and message count.

Configure Auditing to Track Exchange Server Usage
Auditing in Exchange Server offers many options for tracking important information. We show you all of them and how to configure the policy you want in seven simple steps.

Quickly Recover Deleted Mailboxes in Exchange Server 2007
When you delete a mailbox from a user account, the mailbox is retained as a disconnected mailbox. You can reconnect the mailbox to the original user account or another user account, if necessary. We show you how.

Create Forwarding Mailboxes for Custom Recipients
If you want external users or mail systems to be able to send mail to an address within your organization and then have Exchange forward this mail to an external mailbox, we list the six easy steps to get it done.

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    What's the difference between the Microsoft Exchange Server Unified Messaging (UM) role and Microsoft

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