A Month of Windows 7 Tips – Week 3

To help you get more out of Windows 7 beta 1, TechNet Magazine is bringing you A Month of Windows 7 Tips.  Here's what we posted for the third week of February.

Turn Off Security Messages and Other System Notifications in Windows 7
Windows 7 allows you to turn off the various system messages and notifications that pop up on the Taskbar. Find out how.

Install Windows 7 Alongside Windows Vista for a Dual Boot System
Are you hesitant to install the Windows 7 beta on your system? It's actually quite easy to prep your Windows Vista system to dual boot both operating systems--and all the tools you need are readily available in Windows Vista. Find out how.

Use Windows PowerShell 2.0 to Get Reliability Data from Remote PCs
Learn how you can use Windows PowerShell 2.0 to gather system stability and reliability data from remote computers running Windows 7.

New Ways to Maintain your PC and Solve Common Problems on Windows
Windows 7 offers new ways to manage your system and troubleshoot common problems. Learn about two new components that can help you keep your system running smoothly with less effort.

Use a USB Key to Install Windows 7—Even on a Netbook
Using a USB key to install Windows 7 makes the process faster and more flexible. Here's all you need to know to do this.

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