A Month of SQL Server Tips – Week 4

Here are the SQL Server 2008 tips we posted last week on the TechNet Magazine site, wrapping up A Month of SQL Server Tips

Understand the 9 Numeric Data Types in SQL Server 2008
There are nine numeric data types that ship with SQL Server 2008. Here's an overview of the numeric data types along with their range of values and required storage space.

Configure Your SQL Server Attack Surface
Find out how to use the sp_configure stored procedure to limit your attack surface by disabling unnecessary features.

Upgrade SQL Server 2000 Log Shipping to SQL Server 2008
You can't directly update SQL Server 2000 log shipping to SQL Server 2008 log shipping. But you can easily migrate your SQL Server 2000 log shipping configuration to SQL Server 2008. Learn how.

Configure Remote Server Connections
Connections from other servers are handled differently than user connections. Learn to quickly configure remote connections for SQL Server 2008.

Know How and When to Use Emergency Mode Repair
EMERGENCY mode is used when the transaction log for the database has been damaged and no backups are available to restore from. For such a situation, learn how to use the emergency mode repair feature.

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