SQL Server: Understanding Logging and Recovery in SQL Server

Logging and recovery are critical parts of SQL Server, but they are often poorly understood.

  • Why is it possible for the transaction log to grow unbounded?
  • Why does it sometimes take so long for the database to come online after a system crash?
  • Why can't logging be turned off completely?
  • Why can't I recover my database properly?
  • Just what is the transaction log and why is it there?
  • In the February 2009 issue of TechNet Magazine, Paul Randal answers these common questions and provides important advice for managing your database environment. He gives an overview of how the logging and recovery features work in SQL Server and explains the transaction log and recovery models to help you maintain a better database.

    Paul has also provided a video where he demonstrates the importance of managing your transaction log properly in the full recovery model, and he shows you techniques for doing so in SQL Server.

    Read the article and watch the video now.

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