A Month of SQL Server 2008 Tips – Week 1

In December, TechNet Magazine brought you a new Windows Vista tip every day, Monday through Friday.  This month, we're delving into SQL Server 2008.  Here's a roundup of the tips we've published so far.

Customize Memory Allocation for Queries in SQL Server 2008
By default, SQL Server 2008 allocates a minimum of 1024 KB of memory for query execution. This memory allocation, however, can be set for anywhere from 512 KB to 2 GB. Find out when you should change this setting and how to do so.

Recover Missing Data in SQL Server 2008 Using a Partial Restore
Think part of your database is missing or corrupted? Find out how you can perform a partial restore to recover the missing or corrupted data.

Configure SQL Server 2008 to Automatically Manage File Size
Learn how you can easily configure SQL Server 2008 to automatically manage database and log size.

Configure Parallel Processing in SQL Server 2008
Understand when SQL Server uses parallel processing and learn how to configure parallel processing for your database.

Configure a Fail-Safe Operator for Notifications
When things go wrong with notification, operators do not get notified and problems might not be corrected in a timely manner. Learn how you can prevent this with a fail-safe operator.

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    TechNet Magazine is having SQL Server tip for the week this month. The fist set is out here . Some of

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