A Month of Windows Vista Tips – Week 1

Know the Tools You'll Need to Deploy Windows Vista
Do you know what tools you'll need to use to prepare and deploy Windows Vista to systems throughout your environment? Here's an overview of the tools you'll need, and the ones you can forget about.

Use Msconfig to Disable and Enable UAC
To determine whether UAC is causing an application compatibility problem, you can temporarily disable UAC.  Here's a quick way to do this. 

Delete Files Permanently with SDelete
When you delete a file, Windows removes the index for the file, but the file’s contents are still on the disk until the data has been overwritten by another file. Learn how to delete files permanently so attackers can't recover this data.

New Command-Line Switches for Sc.exe
On Windows Vista, the sc.exe command has been enhanced with new command-line switches. Here's a look at what's new.

Create an Ad Hoc Wireless Network
If you want to share information stored on your computer with other nearby computers, you can set up an ad hoc wireless network. Learn how.

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