Field Notes: Community in the workplace

In this month’s TechNet Magazine, you’ll find the second of a series of Field Notes columns written by Romi Mahajan, Chief Marketing Officer of Ascentium Corporation. As an early innovator in the field of electronic communications, Romi has been exploring the social and political implications of the possibilities of communication stemming from new technologies. In the first of this six-part series, Romi discussed creating a work environment where management encourages innovation and embraces community. This month Romi delved deeper into the concept of community in the workplace, as well as in our society in general. Rather than replacing our traditional sense of community, the Internet and social networking have simply enhanced and broadened the possibilities--it can never take the place of discussions and interactions in person.

In future installments Romi will discuss theories of change, why IT matters, strategic vision, and more. If your company’s IT department is doing something particularly innovative or challenging, we’d love to hear about it.

-Joan Levinson

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