Exchange Queue & A: Outlook Anywhere and IPv6, the Remote Connectivity Analyzer, and More

Here’s just a sample of the questions answered in this month’s column:

Q Our organization, which uses Exchange Server 2007, is in the planning stages of deploying standby continuous replication (SCR). We want to have a second set of data for each of the mailbox databases created on our non-clustered Exchange 2007 SP1 Mailbox servers in another site. We have been reading a lot about SCR in the Exchange 2007 documentation on Microsoft TechNet but still have a question we haven't managed to get answered there: if we activate an SCR target, will this have the same effect as a Move-Mailbox with the –ConfigurationOnly parameter specified for all user mailboxes in a particular mailbox database? In other words, only change the Exchange server location in the Active Directory.

Q We have just finalized deployment of Exchange Server 2007 in our enterprise environment and were wondering if it's supported to move the six Exchange 2007 security groups, which were created by Exchange 2007 setup when the forest and domains are prepared for installation of Exchange 2007, to another organizational unit instead of the Microsoft Exchange Security Groups OU, which is created in the root domain.

Q We're planning to improve the security settings for the Exchange 2007 messaging servers in our organization. Part of our security optimization plan is to encrypt the volumes on which the Exchange databases are located. We wondered whether it is recommended or even supported to store Exchange database files on a volume that has been encrypted using Encrypting File System (EFS) encryption.

You’ll find all the questions—and the answers— right here.

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