Exchange Queue & A: September

Henrik Walther answers your questions about Microsoft Exchange. Here’s just a sample of the ones he tackles in the September issue of TechNet Magazine:

Q I'm currently planning a migration from Exchange Server 2003 to a new Exchange Server 2007 organization. To replicate public folders to the new organization, I plan to use the Microsoft® Inter-Organization Replication (IORepl) tool. But I've heard IORepl isn't supported with an Exchange 2007 target server and you instead must introduce an Exchange 2003 server into the target Exchange organization.

Q I'm doing an Exchange Server 2007 design for a large organization that consists of 150,000 seats, and I need to calculate the number of Global Catalog servers required by the Exchange 2007 messaging infrastructure. Can you help?

Q I've heard that installing more than 8 processor cores in an Exchange 2007 server is not recommended. Is this true, and, if so, why?

Q Is it possible to install an Exchange 2007 Client Access, Hub Transport, or Mailbox server in 1 Active Directory site such as the United States, and then ship the server to another Active Directory site, such as Denmark? If this is supported, would the Exchange 2007 server then discover the new Active Directory site membership automatically or would you need to intervene manually?

Q On an Exchange 2007 Mailbox server with Local Continuous Replication (LCR) enabled for the mailbox databases, can you use Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM 2007) to back up the mailbox data via the passive mailbox database copy?

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