Security Watch: Passwords and Credit Cards, Part 3

Over the past few months, Jesper Johansson has looked at how the IT security industry has been failing users at large. 

In Part 1 of this series (the July 2008 installment of Security watch, Jesper described at how common security-related advice and common "bes t" practices are outdated and actually end up hindering security efforts.

Then in Part 2 (the August 2008 installment), he explored the "Pseudo Multifactor Logon Process," misleading eye candy, and other practices that give a misleading sense of security while training users to rely on poor security-related habits.

In Part 3 (the September 2008 installment) Jesper looks at how software vendors, security suites, and marketing efforts hinder true security efforts and he wraps up the series with a warning about how these practices can lead to the collapse of the technology security ecosystem.

If you are a security expert or are just interested in the field of security, this is a must-read series. 

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