Security Watch: Passwords and Credit Cards, Part 2

In the July 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine, Jesper Johansson discussed common security-related advice and common practices that are outdated, and he outlined how these common yet poor practices actually hinder security efforts and put users at great risk. In the August installment of Security Watch, Jesper is back with the second part of this three part series.

In this installment, he continues his look at real examples taken from the world of consumer security, and points out how they are problematic.  He covers "pseudo multifactor logon Processes," browser add-ins, misleading eye candy, and ways to handle secure communications.

Don't miss the September installment, when Jesper Johansson wraps up this three-part series and warns us about how these poor security practices may lead to the collapse of the entire technology security ecosystem.

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