June 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine available online

The June 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online.

Security, security, and more security. The June issue is our annual Security Issue, and we delve into a variety of security-related topics.

In the June issue, we have some security all-stars -- Jesper Johansson, Roger Grimes, Steve Riley, and Aaron Margosis -- debating the value of security by obscurity. Michael Murgolo is back with an update to his Elevation PowerToys. And Byron Hynes takes a deep look at recent advances in BitLocker drive encryption.

We show you how you can use Software Restriction Policies to lock down applications in the enterprise and how to use digital certificates to provide secure e-mail. And Jesper Johansson digs into the Windows Vista Firewall and shows you how to manage the Windows Firewall in the enterprise.

And don't miss out on our regular columns.   In the Utility Spotlight, Lance Whitney introduces the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Wes Miller discusses how being compliant often comes at the expense of being less secure.The Scripting Guys ponder hard work, true happiness, and outputting data to the command window in a readable tabular format. And in Windows Confidential, Raymond Chen reminisces about working with the two worst PCs ever.

We also have an installment of the Business of IT, which shows you the 10 Keys to Becoming an Environmental Leader. And there's a piece on decentralizing SharePoint site administration. Field Notes tells you about an interesting app that splits the screen so two users can share a monitor while running separate instances of the OS. And in SQL Q&A, Paul Randal answers your questions about SQL Server.

Finally, we have a new online feature that we're excited about. This month's Windows PowerShell column is accompanied by an online video.  In it, Don Jones demonstrates how you can add formatting to your Windows PowerShell output.  Watch for more of these video demos and let us know what you think.


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