Windows Server 2008: Configuration

Special Coverage: Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 offers some new techniques for configuring your servers.  One key approach it takes to improve security and manageability is to simplify server roles so you can easily install only the tools and services you need, and nothing more. (After all, why should your DNS server also be configured as a print server?)

In the March issue of TechNet Magazine, Byron Hynes introduces you to the new Server Manager tool and gives an overview of how you can use this new management tool to configure roles and simplify your Windows Server 2008 deployments.


Of course, not all configuration jobs are best served by Server Manager.  The Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) is alive and well in Windows Server 2008--in fact, it has even been updated. In the March installment of Security Watch, Jesper Johansson looks at the SCW and discusses scenarios in which you will still want to use this tool.


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