Hey, Scripting Guy!: The Games Are Afoot! Oh, and Some XML, Too

Exactly one year ago, the Microsoft Scripting Guys published a column that explained how you could use a script to read an XML file. What that column didn't tell you was how you could use a script to create, write, and modify an XML file. This month, they decided to right that wrong . You'd like to know how to write a script that can create an XML file? All you had to do was ask. Well, ask and then wait a year...

And what Games are we referring to in this month’s column? The 2008 Scripting Games, of course! You’ll definitely want to check out the results. You’re out of luck this year if you haven’t entered yet–the Games ended on March 3. But head over to the Script Center, take a look at what you missed, and start thinking about next year's Games.

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