Windows PowerShell: Digging Deeper

You've undoubtedly heard of Windows PowerShell and have probably even started to play around with it.  From the moment you start using Windows PowerShell, you can see that it's a powerful tool with a lot of capabilities.  But there's even more to discover once you start digging a bit dipper.  In the December installment of the Windows PowerShell column, Don Jones helps you uncover some important capabilities you may not have discovered yet. And he gives you some pointers to help ensure you continue to learn more about Windows PowerShell every day.

Don't forget about the cmdlet of the month (technically, cmdlets this month).  This time around, Don Jones explores Start-Transcript and Stop-Transcript.  If you haven't checked out his previous cmdlet of the month sidebars, be sure to check them out--starting with the first one in the September 2007 installment.  And if you're a developer looking to create your own cmdlets, don't miss the recent MSDN Magazine article "Extend Windows PowerShell With Custom Commands".

matt graven
Senior Editor
TechNet Magazine

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