Optimizing SQL Server Query Performance

Even if your database server runs on the most powerful hardware available, its performance can be negatively affected by a handful of misbehaving queries. In fact, even one bad query, sometimes called a "runaway query," can cause serious performance issues for your database.

Conversely, the overall performance of your database can be greatly improved by tuning a set of most expensive or most often executed queries.

In the November issue of TechNet Magazine, Maciej Pilecki continues our coverage of SQL Server performance by looking at techniques you can employ to identify and tune the most expensive and worst performing queries on your server.

In the first part of this series, Zach Nichter explained how you can optimize your hardware and your queries for better SQL Server CPU utilization. Zach also took a look at Hyper-threading, and whether it helps or hinders performance on your database server.

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