Utility Roundup

Earlier this week I highlighted our Utility Spotlight column's coverage of Virtual Machine Remote Control Plus, a Windows application that extends the management capabilities of the Virtual Server 2005 Web-based management app.

    Here are some other handy tools -- or in some cases, collections of tools -- we've covered in TechNet Magazine.

      11 Essential Tools for Managing Active Directory (September 2007)

      PageDefrag Defrags the files that other tools can't touch, like registry hives and page files.(September 2007)

        BGInfo See everything you need to know about a PC—its name, IP address, gateway, free disk space, and so on—right on the desktop. (August 2007)

        SMSMap Highlights a handy tool that automates creation of your SMS infrastructure diagram in Visio via COM. (July 2007)

        Script Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista (June 2007)

          Upgrade Toolkit for SharePoint Sites and Templates (May 2007)

            Plan Ahead with System Center Capacity Planner (April 2007)

            Autoruns Investigate every app that runs automatically, letting you troubleshoot conflicts, track down malware, and free up system resources. (April 2007)

              SyncToy Provides an unintrusive way to ensure your users' files are always backed up and ready to be easily restored. (March 2007)

              PsTools Primer Usage tips for a gaggle of useful Sysinternals utilities for system administration. (March 2007)

              Group Policy Inventory (February 2007)

              Internet Explorer Administration Kit (January 2007)

              Robocopy GUI A graphical front end for the invaluable RoboCopy utility. (November 2006)

                Gathering WMI Data without Writing a Single Line of Code How you can harness a hidden command-line interface that makes it easier to take advantage of WMI. (September 2006)

                Essential Tools for MOM Administration An overview of some of the utilities provided in the MOM 2005 Resource Kit. (September 2006)

                Access-Based Enumeration An add-in for Windows Server 2003 hides shares that users don't have permission to access. (September 2006)


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                  There used to be no way to manage your Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) 2003 clients from the

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