Utility Spotlight: Virtual Machine Remote Control Plus

Virtual Server 2005 enables you to virtualize many server workloads. Unlike Virtual PC, the Virtual Server interface is a Web app. This is fine for some tasks, but there's a new Windows application that makes day-to-day administration of virtualized servers easier.

In the October issue of TechNet Magazine, Matthijs ten Seldam introduces you to Virtual Machine Remote Control Plus (VMRCplus), an alternative UI for Virtual Server 2005 that offers both configuration management and remote control of virtual machines from within a single application.

Using VMRCPlus

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Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’re sorry to hear you’re having problems with the VMRCPlus tool. The good news is, there’s probably an easy solution.

    VMRCPlus uses the same network path as the VMRC client that ships with Virtual Server. That means you must have access to the following ports:

    • Port 5900, which is the default port for the VMRC server

    • Port 1024, which is the default port for the Administration Website

    • Ports 137 and 138, the TCP and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports, for the Kerberos V5 ticket-granting authority

    You can read more here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/virtualserver/2005/proddocs/vs_operate_using_VMRC_manageVMs.mspx

    Let us know how it goes!


  2. Anonymous says:

    you also needed port 135 open too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have tried Group Policies with “Allow local prgram exceptions” and “Allow local port exceptions” Enabled with the exceptions listed below and it does not work.

    I tried “Allow remote administration excepton” Enabled with the IP for the client connecting to the server listed in the “Allow unsolicited incoming messages from:” box, and still no go.

    I have tried Group Policies with all settings in a “Not configured” state, then I entered the exceptions below manually via the Control Panel>>Windows Firewal>>Exceptions Tab, still no wanno.

    The VMRCplus interface is great, but there is no way I will leave my servers firewall down in order to use it. There has to be a yet to be mentioned port/program exception.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Program Exception:


    Port exception:

    135:TCP:*:Enabled:Virtual Server Remote Config

    135:UDP:*:Enabled:Virtual Server Remote Config

    137:TCP:*:Enabled:Virtual Server Remote Config

    137:UDP:*:Enabled:File and Print Sharing

    138:TCP:*:Enabled:Virtual Server Remote Config

    138:UDP:*:Enabled:File and Print Sharing

    139:TCP:*:Enabled:File and Print Shaing

    445:UDP:*:Enabled:Virtual Server Remote Config

    1024:TCP:*:Virtual Server Admin Website

    1024:UDP:*:Virtual Server Admin Website

    3183:TCP:*:Virtual Remote Config Website

    3183:UDP:*:Virtual Remote Config Website

    5900:TCP:*:Enabled:Virtual Server Control Port

    5900:UDP:*:Enabled:Virtual Server Control Port


  4. cmroanirgo says:

    Well, I downloaded it and tried it. I can’t wait for it to work properly.

    If I try to connect to a remote machine I get various RPC errors.

    Considering the fact that the std admin interface is web-based, then one would have assumed that this app would also use the web-interface, simply adding a richer client experience on existing web technology.

    Alas, it appears that it uses the COM API to do it’s work and hence I get RPC errors.

    IMHO this is entirely the incorrect approach when connecting to remote servers.

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