Software Update Management and other October unfinished business

Looks like the November 2007 of TechNet Magazine issue got going online before I finished telling you about the October issue, so let’s be sure to give the remaining articles and columns their due… Software Updates Management Tools The next release of SMS will be called System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Catalogs and scan engines…


November 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine now online

The November 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online at Without our users, there wouldn’t be much point in all this IT hassle. (Or is that: without users, there wouldn’t be so much IT hassle? Er, maybe not….) This month we are taking a look at a variety of technologies and solutions…


Exchange Edge Transport Servers at Microsoft

Microsoft receives approximately 13 million message submission attempts from the Internet on an average business day—and blocks over 10.5 million of these as not legitimate. One way Microsoft achieves reliable messaging protection is by deploying Exchange Server 2007 Edge Transport servers and Forefront Security for Exchange Server in its own production environment. In the October…


Green Computing

Green is the hot topic these days, and the concept is having an impact on the way people think about datacenters. Companies around the world are announcing ways to save energy and reduce costs by buying new hardware and services. Yet, there is little guidance on how you can take action to control energy costs….


The Cable Guy: The Authenticated Internet Protocol

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 both support Authenticated Internet Protocol (AuthIP), an enhanced version of the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol. Both AuthIP and IKE are protocols used to determine keying material and negotiate security parameters for communications protected using Internet Protocol security (IPsec).  In the October issue of TechNet Magazine, Joseph Davies describes…


Active Directory replication

While Active Directory created a great deal more flexibility in terms of supporting a large or decentralized environment, it also generated new challenges for maintaining the integrity of directory data. When two admins on opposite ends of your organization make conflicting changes, how do you reconcile those changes? In the October issue of TechNet Magazine,…


Security Watch: BitLocker and the complexities of trust

BitLocker, the new cryptography feature introduced in Windows Vista, is just one of the many pieces of the security puzzle. Its goal is to provide resiliency under certain threat models, such as losing a laptop that contains confidential information. Speculating about the cryptographic security of BitLocker misses the much bigger picture. In the October issue…


Utility Roundup

Earlier this week I highlighted our Utility Spotlight column’s coverage of Virtual Machine Remote Control Plus, a Windows application that extends the management capabilities of the Virtual Server 2005 Web-based management app. Here are some other handy tools — or in some cases, collections of tools — we’ve covered in TechNet Magazine. 11 Essential Tools…


Now hiring a Senior Editor for MSDN Magazine

Our sister publication, MSDN Magazine, is actively seeking a new Senior Editor to join our team. This is an exciting opportunity to play a pivotal roll in the continued growth and success of the world’s leading publication for Microsoft developers. As a Senior Editor, your responsibilities would include:• Working with the Editor-in-Chief to help define…


Utility Spotlight: Virtual Machine Remote Control Plus

Virtual Server 2005 enables you to virtualize many server workloads. Unlike Virtual PC, the Virtual Server interface is a Web app. This is fine for some tasks, but there’s a new Windows application that makes day-to-day administration of virtualized servers easier. In the October issue of TechNet Magazine, Matthijs ten Seldam introduces you to Virtual…