Preview: 11 Essential Tools for Managing Active Directory

Coming up in next month's issue of TechNet Magazine, Laura Hunter - a Windows Server MVP - joins us with an excellent article highlighting 11 Essential Tools for Managing Active Directory. These are the kind of tools that can make the job of an IT administrator infinitely more productive. If managing Active Directory is part of your day-to-day job, make sure to have a look.

The rest of the September 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine will be online next week, including a number of other exciting articles from some of our best known authors. Michael Niehaus returns with a guide to deploying Windows Vista using the BDD 2007 (you may remember Michael from his article last year - 10 Things You Need to Know About Deploying Windows Vista - still one of our most popular articles of all time). Gil Kirkpatrick returns as well, with an in-depth look at restoring Active Directory Tombstone objects; a very powerful but often misunderstood practice. We'll also have articles on Windows Vista backup and restore technologies, Office Communications Server, User Account Control, Windows PE, Windows PowerShell, and much more. 

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