System Center Operations Manager 2007

Our coverage of Microsoft System Center in the August issue of TechNet Magazine continues with another component of the System Center suite: System Center Operations Manager 2007.

Keep an Eye on Your Servers with Operations Manager 2007

System Center Operations Manager represents a paradigm shift in strategy, moving from computer-focused monitoring to a true service-oriented monitoring platform. In this issue, Pete Zerger explains how Operations Manager improves upon its predecessor, Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005.

As you'll see, there are exciting new features, new management interfaces, and lots of additional resources for learning more about this latest addition to System Center.

Migrating from MOM to Operations Manager 2007

Major changes in the underlying architecture of Operations Manager mean changes in deployment strategy. If you are currently running either MOM 2000 or MOM 2005, Andy Dominey will walk you through the best migration strategies for moving from MOM to Operations Manager. If you are not already running MOM, Andy explains how to install Operations Manager and get started.

There's more information about MOM and Operations Manager in our archives, and don't forget to check out our coverage of System Center Configuration Manager in this issue, too.

Happy reading!

Terrence Dorsey

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I couldn’t find too much other than our article right now, but here are two TechNet webcasts you might want to check out:

    TechNet Webcast: System Center Operations Manager 2007: Install and MP Migration (Level 200) — Presenter: Kevin Remde, IT Pro Evangelist,
    Microsoft Corporation

    TechNet Webcast: System Center Operations Manager 2007 Installation and Management Pack Migration (Level 200) — Presenter: Bryan
    Von Axelson, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

    Keep an eye on TechNet Magazine for additional content on this subject, and I also imagine the
    TechNet System Center Operations Manager Tech Center will be updated over time with new information, so watch that.

    Terrence Dorsey

  2. Anonymous says:


    I have tested SCOM 2007 for one customer and it worked very well where all servers are part of one AD domain controllers.

    But now I have some different requirement where I have four customers windows environment AD integrated. Now I want to manage all four customers from the existing setup and got approval to install gateway server on all four different sites. But customers want to there SCOM 2007 database needs to managed separately and all customers information not to be maintained in same database.

    In this case I want monitor each customers servers  with different group name along with maintaining different database for each customers  with my existing setup.

    My current setup which  I have is one SQL 2005 sp2 servers another server installed with SCOM 2007.

    To implement this any help will be appreciated.


    Vijaykumar S Totager.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The third part of our Microsoft System Center focus in the August issue of TechNet Magazine takes a look

  4. Dan_IT says:

    Does anyone know where I can find more information about migrating from MOM to operations Manager type operations?

    -Dan Grosp


  5. adam says:


    Did you find any solutions? I have a couple different site and am sorta encountering a similar problem. If you have found a solution I would be interested in hearing it.



  6. VKA- says:

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry for the delayed response as i thought my requirement is somewhat unique in this world after waiting for response from many experts.

    But surprisingly got your reply ….!!!  I am happy now..!!!

    Till now I did find any solutions for this …It will be great if you can share the information which you have with you.


    Vijaykumar S Totager

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