Security Watch: PKI Enhancements in Windows

Public key infrastructure (PKI) represents one of the foundation elements of security in Windows. With Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows Server 2008, the Windows PKI platform gains support for advanced algorithms, real-time validity checking, and better manageability.

In the August installment of the Security Watch column, John Morello gives you a tour of the new PKI features in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. These features are focused around four main pillars: cryptography, enrollment, manageability, and revocation. In addition to these feature-specific improvements, the John takes a look at the Roles Manager as well as support for using smart cards for the storage of Encrypting File System (EFS) keys.

And if you missed the July installment of Security Watch in TechNet Magazine, Jesper Johansson explained how you can use icacls.exe, Windows properties pages, and other tools to save, restore, and modify access control lists (ACLs). Handy information for keeping in control of your systems.

Terrence Dorsey

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