Congratulations to the Microsoft Scripting Guys

All of us here at TechNet Magazine headquarters are immensely proud of the content we publish every month. Every article comes from a subject matter expert who really knows what they're talking about, and each one of those authors has a big fan club in the form of the TechNet Magazine staff (as well as many, many, much more important people).

And while we don't like to get hung up on awards and industry recognition (we much prefer the honest feedback - both positive and critical - that we receive from you), we must admit that we do crack a smile or two when an award is won.

So with a smile on our collective faces, we'd like to congratulate the Microsoft Scripting Guys, who have won a prestigious Tabbie award. The Tabbies are given by the TABPI organization, which - through peer review and judging - recognizes excellence in trade and business publications.  TechNet Magazine has been honored to receive a number of Tabbies in the past, and we are thrilled that the work of the Microsoft Scripting Guys (in the form of their "Hey, Scripting Guy!" column in TechNet Magazine), has received such positive recognition.  (After all, The Scripting Guys are the hardest working folks in Redmond! Have you taken the time to see just how much scripting stuff they churn out on a daily basis? It's pretty impressive!)

So congratulations again to The Microsoft Scripting Guys on a job very well done. We know we speak for all of our readers when we say... Get back to work 🙂



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  1. The Scripting Guys have been the most useful resource for me on scripting technologies. I owe all of my scripting skills to reading their "Hey, Scripting Guy" column – and their downloadable chm archive has proved invaluable. Well done, guys!

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