Will you be joining us at TechEd 2007?

As I write this, I'm on a cross-country flight from beautiful Redmond, WA back to TechNet Magazine Headquarters in New York City (2 notes here - 1. Windows Live Writer rules. A plane ride is a great time to blog.  2. The on-board entertainment system on this flight - which runs Linux, by the way - crashed 10 minutes into this 6 hour flight.  Blogging is all I really have to do!)

Anyway, besides blogging, I'm working on a presentation that Stephen Toub (my counterpart at MSDN Magazine) and I will be giving at TechEd 2007 this coming June. We'll be presenting on how to get yourself published in our fine magazines.  We started these sessions at TechEd last year, and they went really well (so we'll be back, by popular demand!)  We use the lunchtime session slots, which are shorter than the standard breakout session, to give you a quick overview of who we are and what we do, but more importantly, what we're looking for in new authors for our magazines.  What kind of topics should you cover? What are some of the pitfalls to be aware of? How do you get started, and most importantly, how do you get paid?!?  We drone on for about 20 minutes, going over the basics, and leave the rest of the time to answer your questions and enjoy some lunch!

So I ask you: is there anything specific you'd like to hear from us as part of this presentation? It'd be great to know, because a) it'll make our session more useful and b) we'll be translating that session into more blog postings, so you'll get your answers even if you aren't able to join us in sunny Orlando, FL. Let me know what you think.

And if you will be joining us at TechEd 2007, be sure to stop by and say hello! Many members of the TechNet Magazine staff, as well as many of our regular authors, will be on hand to hear your feedback and answer your questions (and crash as many parties as possible in the span of 5 days). Hope to see you there!


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    Joshua Hoffman, my counterpart over at TechNet Magazine , posted today about some of our TechEd 2007

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