Work Hard. Play Hard.

On a more "playful" note (forgive the impending pun) this Friday afternoon, I wanted to call your attention to Matt Clapham's article in the February issue of TechNet Magazine, entitled Gaming in a Secure Environment. Security is certainly one of the top concerns of many (if not all) IT Professionals, and we all focus a great deal of energy on the subject in our work lives. But I would bet that a disturbing majority of us would disable every security precaution in existence on our home machine if it stood in the way of playing our favorite game. Personally, I'm a fan of the Age of Empires series (though my attention has been diverted lately by Gears of War, but that's a bit off-topic). I know that in my carefully controlled home computing environment, I would be very tempted to disable security precautions on my machines if they prevented me from indulging in a few relaxing AoE battles. 

To avoid just that situation, Matt takes a look this month at some of the common problems - and more importantly, simple solutions - that you can use to maintain a secure computing environment while still enjoying your favorite games. I hope you like it!

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