Field Notes

If you’ve ever thought you might like to write for TechNet Magazine, but were afraid that your lack of writing experience might hinder you, please reconsider. We are always looking for new writers for our Field Notes column.


Although most of the articles we publish are quite technical, the Field Notes column is usually a rather lighthearted, one-page article that relays some anecdote about a real-life IT-related experience. Did such an experience cause you to question your own knowledge, rethink a common procedure, make you aware of some aspect of technology you hadn’t considered before?


If you have a good idea for a column but are unsure of your writing skills, send me a draft. If it’s something that might fit well into TechNet Magazine, we can work together to prepare it for publication. And you never know – once you start writing, you might just surprise yourself!


-Joan Levinson

Editor, TechNet Magazine

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