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You may have recently received an e-mail from TechNet Magazine using the e-mail address, and a subject line of "Urgent Audit Update Request", requesting you to fill out a survey (hosted on in order to renew your TechNet Magazine Subscription.

While I know this e-mail may seem phishy, it actually is a legitimate request for you to renew your subscription.

Our publishing partner, CMP Media, works with a company called Kable News, in order to help manage distribution for Technet Magazine.  Kable is a large firm and one of their major businesses is managing distribution and logistics for print publications. 

We are actively working with CMP and Kable right now to try to "clean up" this e-mail a bit so that it doesn't seem so suspicious.  In the meantime though, please know that this is a legitimate survey that we need in order to renew your subscription. You will only be asked to confirm your current mailing address (which should be pre-filled on the survey when you follow your link), and to answer the same simple questions about your work as an IT professional that we asked you to answer when you first subscribed.  This information helps us make sure that we're covering the topics you care about most!

If you haven't yet subscribed to TechNet Magazine, you can do so by visiting

As always, if you have any questions or concens about e-mail you may have received from TechNet Magazine - or about anything else at all - please feel free to contact the editors at



Joshua Hoffman
Technical Editor
TechNet Magazine

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