The first 3-way TLG: Exchange Server 2013 TLG for Windows Server 2012 R2

Hey TLG and Exchange fans,

Jeff Cothern and I have been working on the Test Lab Guide: Install Exchange Server 2013 on the Windows 2012 R2 Base Configuration in the TechNet Wiki to make it the first 3-way TLG. What's a 3-way TLG? It's a TLG that can be used to configure and demonstrate a product or feature for all three lab environments:

We did this by prefacing some steps and procedures with the lab environments to which they apply. For example:

  • Step 3: Modify DHCP Scope on DC1 (isolated subnets lab environment only)  The isolated subnets lab environment needs this step is to add a default route to CLIENT1, which is required for the Outlook client. In both the public cloud and Azure lab environments, all computers on the Corpnet subnet are automatically configured with a default route.
  • Install the operating system on EX1 (isolated subnets and public cloud lab environments only)  The isolated subnets and public cloud lab environments need this procedure because in the Azure lab environment, the virtual machines already have the operating system installed.

Here is the Exchange Server 2013 lab diagram for the isolated subnets lab environment:


For the public cloud lab environment:


For the Azure lab environment:

Huge thanks to Jeff for creating, testing, and publishing the initial TLG and forcing the issue of 3-way TLG functionality!


Joe Davies

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  1. Willem Heijdeman says:

    In the test lab guide the required OS mentioned is Windows Server 2012 R2 Enterprise Edition…. That’s a breed that’s hard to find these days 😉

  2. Joe Davies says:

    Great point, Willem. The current evaluation version of Windows Server 2012 R2 is for Datacenter. I will update the article to provide this alternative. Thanks.

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