New SQL Server 2014 in Azure TLG

Hey TLG, SQL Server, and Azure fans,

There is a new Test Lab Guide: SQL Server 2014 in Azure.

With this new TLG, you can use a free trial subscription, your MSDN subscription, or your paid Azure subscription to build out a test lab containing a server running SQL Server 2014 in a cloud-only virtual network in Azure.

Here is the resulting configuration:


You can use this test lab to play with SQL Server 2014 or use it as a test bed for SQL-based application development and testing on a simplified intranet.

You start with the Base Configuration in Azure TLG and then add an Azure virtual machine using the SQL Server 2014 image. This highlights a great advantage of test labs in Azure; the virtual machine created from the image already has SQL Server 2014 installed and ready to run. This saves a huge amount of time over the isolated subnets and public cloud configurations, in which you must obtain the trial software and install SQL Server 2014 yourself.

To see all of the Azure TLG content, see the Azure Test Lab portal in the TechNet Wiki.


Forecast for your next test lab: Cloudy!


Joe Davies

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