Two new TLGs for the new Public Cloud TLG stack

Hey TLG and public cloud technology fans,

Prolific TLG author Bill Mathers just published two new TLGs:

These two new TLGs join the recently published Configuring an Office 365 Trial Subscription TLG in forming the new Public Cloud TLG stack, which leverages the Windows Server 2012 public cloud base configuration and allows you to build out and demonstrate key functionality for Office 365 and Windows Azure. This is very cool, cutting-edge stuff!

Here is the new Public Cloud TLG stack (click on it for a larger version):


And more are on the way…

To keep track of all these new TLGs for Microsoft public cloud technologies, I have published the new Public Cloud Test Lab portal page in the TechNet Wiki. With this stack, TLGs have officially joined the cloud space, in addition to serving their tradition role for on-premises Microsoft products and technologies.

For more information about TLGs, see Test Lab Guides.




Joe Davies

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Tony Trivison of the Office Server Solutions team recently published the Test Lab Guide: Set Up a Directory

  3. rkribs says:

    Thanks for the Federated TLG. I’m having trouble with setting up public DNS to my ADFS VM in Azure per this guide. Step 4 "Add Custom host record for your custom domain". It says "In this case, this lab was created on my home office network sitting behind
    a router that connects to my ISP. I simply added a Host record for to my domain registrar with the public IP address that I am assigned from my ISP. " Thus these seem like old directions from an older test lab guide. Please update this document
    with the instructions for how to point a public registrar at the ADFS VM created in Azure as part of this lab.

  4. Bill Mathers says:

    Hi, thank you for the feedback. These TLGs were developed using local VMs and were not tested using VMs in Azure. I have reached out to some of my colleagues on setting up ADFS on an Azure VM, because you are right, even setting up a web proxy, how to
    I get DNS setup with my ISP so that the traffic is routed back to my Azure VMs. They told me they were currently developing the documentation guidance around this. Once this is complete, I hope to create a new TLG on setting up a Windows Azure and Windows
    AD environment entirely in Windows Azure. However this will need to be validated and tested with our engineering teams so this probably won’t be published until November-December timeframe.

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