New creating and publishing TLG content topics

Hey aspiring TLG content creators,

In an attempt to standardize and provide more detailed end-to-end instructions for creating Test Lab Guide (TLG) content, I have created the following new topics in the TechNet Wiki:

These topics are expanded versions of the How to Contribute series of posts published in this blog. You can also access these topics from the Wiki: Creating and Publishing Test Lab Guide Content topic.

Creating TLG content is now easier than ever and if you enjoy writing TLG content half as much as I do, then I enjoy it twice as much as you. :>

As ever, enjoy!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi MSDee_Honeybee,

    For TLG article content, I use Microsoft Word. But you can also use or any other word processor. Alternately, for TechNet Wiki articles, you can author directly in the TechNet Wiki editor.

    For TLG graphical content, I use Microsoft PowerPoint. But you can also use Microsoft Visio or any other graphics program that supports saving the image as a PNG, GIF, or JPG file.


  3. Anonymous says:

    What methods and or tools do you use to create content?

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