Two new SharePoint 2013 TLGs and a PPT showing the entire stack

Hey TLG and SharePoint 2013 fans,

Two new TLGs for SharePoint 2013 have been published and I am excited about each of them for different reasons.

The first new TLG is Configure eDiscovery for SharePoint 2013, written by my colleague Hal Zucati. This TLG configures a SharePoint three-tier farm and an Exchange Server 2013 email server for the eDiscovery scenario, which allows organizations to identify specific content for legal reasons, and then preserve the SharePoint 2013 sites and Exchange Server 2013 mailboxes in which content was discovered.

Here is the stack (click on it to see a larger version):


Here is the lab:


What is so cool about this TLG and stack is that it delivers on one of the original promises of the TLGs; a modular content set that can be used to build out complex, multi-product solutions. See Tom Shinder's blog post from 2010 about how TLGs can lead the way to solution mastery.

The second new TLG is Demonstrate Permissions with SharePoint 2013. This TLG steps you through three specific permissions scenarios using the SharePoint site collections and subsites as configured in the Configure Intranet and Team Sites for SharePoint Server 2013 TLG.

Here is the stack (click on it to see a larger version):


Here is the lab (the SharePoint Server 2013 three-tier farm test lab):


Here is the overview video:


This is another first; the simultaneous publication of both the TLG and its accompanying overview video.

What is so cool about this TLG is that it teaches you default SharePoint permissions behavior and how to manage custom permissions and permission levels by stepping you through three real-world permission scenarios, exemplifying the role of TLGs as a tool for inculcating an understanding of complex concepts and procedures within an actual product usage context.

This brings the total number of TLGs for SharePoint 2013 to 20! Thanks and appreciation to my associates in the SharePoint writing group for this huge effort: James Morey, Reeza Ali, K.C. Cross, Hal Zucati, Mike Plumley, and Joanne Hendrickson. For links to this body of content, see SharePoint Server 2013 Test Lab.

To commemorate this milestone, I have attached a PowerPoint file containing a single slide that shows the entire suite of TLGs for SharePoint Server 2013. Open this file and then go into PowerPoint Slide Show mode. Each graphic and text object is a link. Click the modular TLGs and TLG mini-modules to see the articles or white papers and the video play icons to see the corresponding TLG overview videos.

For more information about TLGs, see Test Lab Guides.



Joe Davies
Principal Writer



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