Spotlight on the Windows Server 2012 TLG stack

Hey TLG and Windows Server fans,

Have you seen the Windows Server 2012 TLG stack lately? It's HUGE and filled with content that lets you build out and demonstrate tons of great new Windows Server 2012 features.

Right now, there are 30 modular TLGs (including the Windows Server 2012 base configuration TLG) and 4 TLG mini-modules!

For the complete list, see the Windows Server 2012 Test Lab Guides portal page. Also see these additional portal pages:

Here are some of the interesting things that were done for this TLG stack:

  • 13 modular TLGs and 3 TLG mini-modules were published when Windows Server 2012 Beta was released, created by writers in Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS).
  • These TLGs and mini-modules have Windows PowerShell equivalents for procedures, which allow PowerShell propeller-heads to more quickly perform configuration steps.
  • Quick-start TLGs (for the Remote Desktop Services stack) are streamlined TLGs that configure and show core functionality faster.

If you are evaluating Windows Server 2012, take a look at these resources to get that crucial, hands-on configuration experience with Microsoft's latest and greatest server operating system.



Joe Davies
Principal Writer

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