Windows Server 2012 Base Configuration TLG updated based on your feedback

Tom Shinder and I recently heard from two people about a typo in a Windows PowerShell command line that assigned an incorrect IP address in the Windows Server 2012 Base Configuration TLG.

Thanks to them, I am happy to report that we have updated the TLG in the Microsoft Download Center to correct the errant address. I also took the opportunity to correct a bad link, add links to topics that describe Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 system requirements so you can better determine the RAM and disk space for virtual machines, and added a new "TLG Resources" section at the end (with the new TLG logo, of course!).

I just wanted to let you know that Tom and I see your feedback and we either act on it to the best of our abilities and resources or we contact other TLG authors to act on it. So please don't be shy about letting us know of these types of corrections or your suggestions for improvements at

TLGs: We're listening...


Joe Davies
Principal Writer


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