The official Test Lab Guides logo has arrived

Hey TLG community,

I have been working with a real artist and the TLG writers here at Microsoft and we have come up with an official logo and slogan.


Cool, right?

The logo design is based on input from two different sources, which both seemed to think of the same thing when trying to encapsulate the TLG initiative (chemistry equipment, as opposed to computers in a lab).

The slogan comes from this blog post, and I have had great success with it when presenting the TLGs to partners and different writing groups here at Microsoft.

Expect to see this logo wherever TLGs are published. A PNG version of this logo is attached.

What’s next? T-shirts? Billboards? The TLG blimp? We’ll see… :>



TLGs: Look, Mom! I built it out myself!

Mom: That’s nice, dear. Now clean up your room.


Joe Davies
Principal Writer


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