Corpnet subnet configuration for public cloud technologies is now available

The original design of the Base Configuration test lab was for two subnets (Corpnet and Internet) that were isolated from a production environment. These isolated subnets were an ideal environment in which you had ultimate control to demonstrate and experiment without having to deal with the configuration requirements or restraints of real-world private and public networks, such as the registration of Internet domain names.

However, the isolation of the Corpnet subnet, including its disconnection from a network with real Internet access (not the simulated Internet subnet), prevents Test Lab Guides from being used for public cloud technologies, such as Windows Azure and Office 365. To address this issue, Configuring the Corpnet Subnet of the Base Configuration Test Lab for Public Cloud Technologies is now available. The following figure shows this new configuration.


This new and alternate configuration of the Corpnet subnet using computers running Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 leverages your existing production network and creates a logically isolated subnet that is always connected to the real Internet through the facilities of your organization network, which typically consists of a proxy server. APP1 and CLIENT1 use the DHCP servers of your organization intranet to obtain a valid address configuration. DC1's address should not change. Therefore, you either configure it with a static IP address configuration for its location on the organization intranet or with a DHCP reservation from the DHCP servers of your organization intranet. With ongoing access to the Internet, the computers of the Base Configuration Corpnet subnet (DC1, APP1, and CLIENT1) can now be used to demonstrate and use public cloud technologies.

Here is a quick summary of the changes using this alternative configuration:

  • The physically isolated Corpnet subnet (containing DC1, APP1, CLIENT1, and EDGE1) is now a logically isolated subnet attached to your organization network and contains only DC1, APP1, and CLIENT1.
  • The physically isolated Internet subnet (containing EDGE1 and INET1) is removed and replaced with the edge servers of your organization network and the real Internet.

For the details of the configuration changes for this alternative Base Configuration test lab, see Configuring the Corpnet Subnet of the Base Configuration Test Lab for Public Cloud Technologies.




Joe Davies
Principal Writer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The DHCP servers of your organization intranet. I have updated the blog post to make this more clear. Thanks.

  2. and who is the DHCP now?

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