Three-tier farm SharePoint Server 2010 TLG published

The Test Lab Guide: Configure SharePoint Server 2010 in a Three-Tier Farm describes how to install and configure SharePoint Server 2010 in a 3-tier farm configuration (Web front end/application server/database server), starting with the computers in the Base Configuration test lab.

Here is the resulting test lab configuration.

This TLG takes you through a default installation of SharePoint Server 2010 in a distributed capacity that is more suited to a real enterprise SharePoint deployment. This TLG is in contrast to the previously published Test Lab Guide: Configure SharePoint Server 2010 as a Single Server with Microsoft SQL Server, which is designed to get SharePoint Server 2010 installed as quickly as possible on a single server.

There are step-by-step instructions for the following:

  1. Configuring the Base Configuration test lab (if you have not already done so).
  2. Installing and configuring a new server named SQL1.
  3. Installing SQL Server 2008 R2 on the SQL1 server.
  4. Installing SharePoint Server 2010 on APP1.
  5. Installing and configuring a new server named WFE1.
  6. Installing SharePoint Server 2010 on WFE1.
  7. Demonstrating the facilities of the default Contoso team site on WFE1.

The resulting test lab is a place for you to begin learning more about SharePoint Server 2010 in a distributed installation and how it can help your business.

Here is the set of TLGs in the 3-tier SharePoint TLG stack.

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To get started with SharePoint Server 2010, see the following:


Joe Davies
Principal Writer

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice overview

  2. Cannot run Configuration Wizard from WFE1 in 'Configure SharePoint Server 2010 in Three-Tier farm' says:

    I am currently setting up a SharePoint development system using 'Configure SharePoint Server 2010 in Three-Tier farm' TLG.

    Everything so far has been fine – setting up the Base Configuration, setting up the DC1, APP1, SQL and WFE servers etc (all in Hyper-V on Win 2008 R2 64 bit server!)

    However I am now at

    Step 6: Install SharePoint server 2010 on WFE1

    The first part of Step 6 – 'To install the SharePoint Server 2010 prerequisite software' has gone fine.

    In the second part of Step 6 – 'To install SharePoint Server 2010' I have hit a problem from Point 18 reproduced below:

    18. On WFE1, from Internet Explorer and the Central Administration tab, click Configuration Wizards, and then click the Launch the Farm Configuration Wizard.

    19. For How do you want to configure your SharePoint farm?, click Start the Wizard.

    20. On the Configure your SharePoint farm page, click Next.

    21. On the Create Site Collection page, in Title and description, type Contoso Corporation in Title, and then click OK. This step creates a team site at the URL http//wfe1.

    I following the steps, but the Contoso Team Site is created at http://app1 not at http://wfe1!

    The instructions (Step 18 in particular) seem to imply it is possible to launch the Central Administration from within WFE1, but I suspect because the WFE1 SP server connected to an existing farm, the CA is only available from APP1.

    In the Farm Configuration Wizard I get (cannot insert image at the moment), in the 'Web Site Address' section all I get is a hardcoded http://app1 link with choice of / or /sites/

    Note I cannot define WFE1 even if I use the 'Define Managed Paths' link.

    Is there some basic mistake I am making? Is it actually possible to create the Contoso Team Site at WFE1 at all? Is this a mistake in the TLG???

    Note the require services are running on WFE1:

    •MS Foundation Incoming Email

    •MS Foundation Web Application

    •MS Foundation Workflow Timer Service

    Any pointers/tips etc will be gratefully received.


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