New IPv6 Test Lab Guide extension: Demonstrating DNS Zone Transfers over IPv6

I just published the Demonstrating DNS Zone Transfers over IPv6 extension for the IPv6 Test Lab in the TechNet Wiki.

With this extension, you configure DC1, the DNS server for the domain, to allow zone transfers to the IPv6 address of APP1. You then add the DNS Server service to APP1 and configure a secondary DNS zone for, specifying the IPv6 address of DC1 as the master DNS server. When complete, APP1 has the contents of the domain, transferred over IPv6. This exercise demonstrates the level of IPv6 integration for the DNS Server service and the DNS snap-in.

If you have an idea for an extension that adds something new and interesting to an existing test lab environment, by all means, write it up and publish it in the TechNet Wiki. Here is a blog post to get you started.


Joe Davies
Principal Writer
SharePoint Server Platforms and Infrastructure

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