Introducing Test Lab Guide Mini-Modules

The Test Lab Guide (TLG) initiative defines a modular TLG, which is designed to take you through the installation and configuration of a technology or component, demonstrate its functionality, and leave you with a working test lab environment for further experimentation and hands-on learning. However, in some cases you already have the expertise and just want to get to a new working test lab environment as quickly as possible.

Introducing the TLG mini-module, a new type of TLG topic published in the TechNet Wiki that just includes the essential configuration steps to get an existing and working test lab to a new working configuration.

To test this new content type and provide an example, I have published the Test Lab Guide Mini-Module: Configuring the Base Configuration Test Lab for IPv6-Only ( topic. This topic starts with the Base Configuration test lab and configures DC1 as an advertising IPv6 router and DHCPv6 server to turn the Corpnet subnet into an IPv6-only environment.This new environment can be saved as virtualized snapshots for future testing.

 Here is the new IPv6 TLG stack.

If you are new to IPv6, then start with the Base Configuration test lab and then do the Demonstrate IPv6 modular TLG with its extensions. However, if you are already familiar with IPv6 and just want to quickly create an IPv6-only environment for application or other types of testing on the Corpnet subnet, then start with the Base Configuration test lab and then do the IPv6-only TLG mini-module.

Please let us know if this new type of TLG topic is useful by leaving a comment on this blog post or on the IPv6-only TLG mini-module topic. Thanks!



Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Information Experience (WS iX)

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  1. Gary says:

    Great idea. Most useful. Thanks.

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