Contributing to TLGs Part 2: Writing a test lab extension

A second way that you can contribute to Microsoft Test Lab Guides (TLGs) is to publish a test lab extension article in the TechNet Wiki. A test lab extension describes how to configure additional functionality or advanced or uncommon configurations based on a modular TLG.
The TLG extension article includes instructions to do the following:

  • Configure the working test lab for the new functionality.  This can include adding servers, running setup wizards again, or using configuration tools to modify the modular test lab configuration to show something new.
  • Demonstrate the additional functionality.  If possible, show a clear cause and effect between the original functionality of the modular test lab and the new functionality
  • Manually restore the test lab to its original configuration. Although we anticipate that many TLG operators out there will use virtualization to revert to an initial configuration, some might use physical hardware or a combination of physical and virtual machines. Therefore, is important to include the steps to get the computers back to their original state.

For example, the DirectAccess test lab configured with the Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess uses the DirectAccess Setup wizard to configure full intranet access and then demonstrates DirectAccess connectivity using 6to4, Teredo, and then IP-HTTPS across the Internet subnet. Using the resulting DirectAccess test lab configuration, I published the following test lab extensions:

In this extension, I run the DirectAccess Setup Wizard again for selected server access and demonstrate the addition of an end-to-end IPsec session between CLIENT1 and APP1.

In this extension, I demonstrate the lack of remote management when no user has logged onto CLIENT1. I then run the DirectAccess Setup Wizard again, specifying APP1 as a management server, then demonstrate how APP1 can now manage CLIENT1 remotely, even without a user logon.

In both cases, I am demonstrating additional functionality with DirectAccess that is not present in the DirectAccess test lab as specified by the Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess document.

The process for publishing your own test lab extension is the following:

  1. Determine the functionality that are you going to demonstrate  Is there something that you want to show off, such as a favorite feature, or something that you discovered?
  2. Create the content and publish  Use the Wiki: Test Lab Extension Template in the TechNet Wiki as a starting point for your article. If you use this template, your test lab extension will have the same structure and boilerplate text as all other test lab extensions, allowing readers to more easily configure the extension based on your instructions.After documenting the steps and verifying that they work, publish the test lab extension as a single topic in the TechNet Wiki.
  3. Tell the world  To make sure that others in the community know about your test lab extension, do the following:

Write on!

Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Information Experience

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