Test Lab Guide: Fabrikam Base Configuration

The Test Lab Guide: Fabrikam Base Configuration test lab guide (TLG) extends the Base Configuration test lab by adding a second organization, the Fabrikam Corporation, to the test lab environment. With this new TLG, you can create modular TLGs or TLG stacks that demonstrate cross-organization IT capabilities.

With the combination of the Test Lab Guide: Base Configuration and the Test Lab Guide: Fabrikam Base Configuration, you can build out the following environment:

The highlighted portion on the left is the new Fabrikam intranet connected to the common Internet subnet.

We are working on TLGs to exploit this new configuration. If you would like to use this environment and publish your own TLG or test lab extension, see the Test Lab Guides page in the TechNet Wiki.

Thanks to Tom Shinder for publishing this TLG!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Information Experience

Comments (2)

  1. trevjans says:

    this one is super !

    great job

  2. thomas w shinder - msft says:

    Hi TrevJans,

    Thanks! And remember – this guide is designed to work together with the Base Configuration – so that you can create a Test Lab that has two sites over the Internet.


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