Tip of the Day: MDOP July 2018 Servicing Release is live!

Today’s tip…   The July 2018 MDOP servicing release is available for download. This contains a hotfix package for MBAM 2.5 SP1. All bug and hotfix information can be found on the link listed below.   But here’s a sneak preview for the MBAM fans! Issues fixed in this update: Addresses an issue in which…


Tip of the Day: A Legend Reborn

Today’s tip… I stumbled across this blog and wanted to share it. Should be pretty interesting no matter when you were born or what you were doing twenty-two years ago.   The Microsoft IntelliMouse was originally released in 1996. Everyone loved its design: asymmetric form, sculpted buttons and <gasp> finger rests! The IntelliMouse continued to…


Tip of the Day: Defrag Tools Videos

Today’s tip… Were you aware of these videos? I wasn’t until today! Check them out! Here are two of my current favorites: “Defrag Tools #192 – Windows Update and Windows Upgrade” – https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools/Defrag-Tools-192-Windows-Update-and-Windows-Upgrade “Defrag Tools #193 – Windows Upgrade Logs” – https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools/Defrag-Tools-193-Windows-Upgrade-Logs   Check out the other great Defrag Tools videos available on Channel9: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools.


Tip of the Day: Server Core and Server with Desktop

Today’s tip… A great blog to help you figure out what you need, and to compare Server Core and Server with Desktop Experience as we prepare for the upcoming release of both.   Reference: “Server Core and Server with Desktop: Which one is best for you” – https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2018/07/05/server-core-and-server-with-desktop-which-one-is-best-for-you/   Links in the Blog: March 20th…


Tip of the Day: Meet the Surface Go

Today’s tip… On July 9th, we announced the Surface Go: the most affordable Surface product yet. Surface Go with Wi-Fi will be available for pre-order tomorrow, July 10 in select countries*, with products beginning to hit shelves on August 2. We’re also happy to share that an LTE model will be arriving later this year….


Tip of the Day: Setting up a GitHub Account

Today’s tip… Want to be a Docs contributor? You need to set up your GitHub account. Here’s how! Reference: “GitHub Account Setup” – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/contribute/get-started-setup-github


Tip of the Day: How to keep apps removed from Windows 10 from returning during an update

Today’s tip… Found a great article, and wanted to make sure you all had it! The article covers: Creating registry keys for deprovisioned apps Package names for apps provisioned in Windows 10, version 1709 Registry keys for provisioned apps Reference: “How to keep apps removed from Windows 10 from returning during an update” – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/application-management/remove-provisioned-apps-during-update


Tip of the Day: Windows Server Storage Migration Service

Today’s tip… Windows Server 2019 Preview contains an entirely new feature! The Storage Migration Service helps you migrate servers and their data without reconfiguring applications or users. Migrates unstructured data from anywhere into Azure & modern Windows Servers It’s fast, consistent, and scalable It takes care of complexity It provides an easily-learned graphical workflow Check…


Tip of the Day: Making IT simpler with a modern workplace

Today’s tip… Another great blog article worth sharing!  This blog covers: What is meant by “modern desktop” Delivery optimization enhancements in v1803 Readiness Toolkit for Office (RTO) Information on Office 2019 Kiosk Browser More on AutoPilot Information on M365 Admin Center and M365 Security & Compliance Center And more!  Reference: “Making IT simpler with a…


Tip of the Day: Surface Hub 2

Today’s tip…   4K+ 50.5” multitouch display 4K cameras that rotate with device Integrated speakers Far field mic arrays Allows for tiling up to four screens together in portrait or landscape Dynamic rotation Better design for increased mobility Multi-user sign in Want to receive updates on the next generation of Surface Hub? Sign up here….