(SCCM) Tip of the Day: System Center Updates Publisher adds support for new OSes

Today’s tip… SCUP (System Center Updates Publisher) enables independent software vendors or line-of-business application developers to manage custom updates. Using SCUP, you can: Import updates from external catalogs (non-Microsoft update catalogs). Modify update definitions including applicability, and deployment metadata. Export updates to external catalogs. Publish updates to an update server. An updated version of System…


Tip of the Day: Configuring VPN Profiles using the SCCM/WMI Bridge – Part 4

Today’s Tip… In today’s tip we will finish the VPN script, considerations include: Providing the Profile name Providing the ParentID for the ProfileXML property Providing the escaped formatted profile XML Making sure all this executes properly at runtime Adding the Profile Name The profile name is set by the value of MDM_VPNv2_01’s InstanceID property.  This…


Tip of the Day: Configure VPN Profiles using the SCCM/WMI Bridge – Part 3

Today’s Tip… Today’s tip continues the series on deploying VPN Connection Profiles using PowerShell with a look the new ProfileXML URI node (./Vendor/MSFT/VPNv2/ProfileName/ProfileXML) added to the VPNv2CSP in the Windows 10 v1607 Anniversary update.  This node allows the configuration of all fields of a connection profile in a single operation by marking an XML configuration…


Tip of the Day: Configure VPN Profiles using the SCCM/WMI Bridge – Part 2

Today’s Tip… This week’s exciting tip series examines what you need to know to successfully configure Windows 10 VPN client settings using PowerShell scripts. Before proceeding, let’s take a moment to reflect. Tip #1 looked at Windows 10’s device configuration architecture, the foundation of which is provided by the ‘MDM stack’ MDM configuration service providers,…


Tip of the Day: Configure VPN Profiles using the SCCM/WMI Bridge – Part 1

Today’s Tip… There are a number of ways to create a VPN profile on Windows 10 Anniversary v1607. In this week’s tips we discuss what you need to know to deploy connection profiles using PowerShell, WMI, and the SCCM/WMI (aka WMI-to-CSP) Bridge.   The VPNv2CSP sits on top of what is known as the MDM stack….