(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Availability of migration of ExpressRoute for Classic to Resource Manager IaaS Migration

Today’s Tip… On April 10th we announced that customers using ExpressRoute can also migrate their Virtual Networks, including all the VMs in the VNET, to Azure Resource Manager without downtime. Learn more by reading the instructions on how to Migrate ExpressRoute circuits and associated virtual networks from the classic to the Resource Manager deployment model….

(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Platform supported migration of IaaS resources from Classic to Azure Resource Manager

Today’s Tip… This month we announced the capability to migrate Classic (v1) IaaS resources to Azure Resource Manager (v2) resources. During the public preview, we are offering two migration scopes primarily targeting Compute and Network. Support for migration of Storage Accounts is planned and will be released very soon. However, to allow seamless migration, we…