Tip of the Day: 2019SHA-2 Code Signing Support requirement for Windows and WSUS

Today’s tip… To protect your security, Windows operating system updates are dual-signed using both the SHA-1 and SHA-2 hash algorithms to authenticate that updates come directly from Microsoft and were not tampered with during delivery. Due to weaknesses in the SHA-1 algorithm and to align to industry standards Microsoft will only sign Windows updates using…


Tip of the Day: Windows Update for Business and the retirement of SAC-T

Today’s tip… By now most of you should are probably familiar with the concept and cadence of the LTSC and SAC release cycles. Occasionally however, twists and turns in the evolution of servicing and the use of potentially unfamiliar terms such as CB, CBB, and SAC-T may leave you feeling a little…fuzzy. Here is a…


Tip of the Day: Networking Blog Migration

Today’s tip… We’re moving! After a many years on TechNet, Microsoft is retiring the existing blogging platform.  We will soon be migrating over to a Tech Community which many of you have already been familiarized with.  We appreciate all the many helpful comments and consistent viewership we’ve seen over the years and hope you’ll join…


Tip of the Day: Windows Admin Center 1809.5 and Lenovo XClarity extension now GA

Today’s tip… We are very excited to present a cumulative update to our Ignite release, which includes both quality and functional improvements in support of the upcoming Windows Server 2019 WSSD launch and the Windows Server Summit, as well as today’s Lenovo extension release: the most feature-packed partner extension to-date, and a new showcase example…


Tip of the Day: Long Awaited Updates to the Windows Hello for Business Documentation

Today’s tip… After 182 file changes, 125 additions, 52 edits, and 5 deletes—the long awaited update to the Windows Hello for Business documentation is complete and published at https://aka.ms/whfb. What’s New Updated How Windows Hello for Business works section New Technical Deep Dive section that includes: Technology and Terminology Device Registration data flows Provisioning data…


Tip of the Day: Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019

Today’s tip… We here at the Tip-of-the-Day city desk would not be fulfilling our journalist obligation if we did not provide you with the list in its entirety. Here then, is the complete list of the Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019 (sorry it wasn’t just included in the last one). Top 10…


Tip of the Day: Bringing Device Support to Windows Containers

Today’s tip… I’m really excited about today’s tip. Why? Because it’s nerdy coolness and I like it! Oh, and it also represents a great leap forward in the support of Ccontainer technologies on the Windows platform. Summary When we introduced containers to Windows with the release of Windows Server 2016, our primary goal was to…


Tip of the Day: OpenSSH, Tar, and Curl

Today’s tip… In keeping with the PowerShell-Linux vibe begun in yesterday’s tip, let’s highlight some of the other 1709/1803 work by the PowerShell team that you may have missed.   OpenSSH Beta introduced on v1709 OpenSSH is a collection of client/server utilities that enable secure remote login, remote file transfer, and public/private key pair management….


Tip of the Day: Azure File Sync is now Generally Available

Today’s tip… On July 19th, it was announced that Azure File Sync is now generally available! This is big.   Azure File Sync extends on-premises Windows Server File Servers into Azure, enabling our customers to quickly and efficiently start adopting the benefits of Azure while maintaining the local performance of their on-premises Windows Server. Essentially,…