(RDS) Tip of the Day: General availability of instance size flexibility for Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances

Today’s tip… Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances is a new feature that makes your reserved instance purchasing and management even simpler by applying reservation discounts to different virtual machine (VM) sizes within the same VM group. With instance size flexibility, you don’t have to deploy the exact same VM size to get the benefit of…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Announcing VNet service endpoints general availability for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Today’s tip… We recently made Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL generally available. These services offer the community versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL with built-in high availability, a 99.99 percent availability SLA, elastic scaling for performance, and industry-leading security and compliance on Azure. Since general availability, we have continued to bring new features and…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Just-In-Time VM Access from the virtual machine blade

Today’s tip… We are excited to announce the public preview of configuring Just-In-Time VM Access from the virtual machine blade to make it even easier for you to reduce your exposure to threats. Just-In-Time VM Access helps you control the time that the ports on your virtual machines are open. It leverages network security group…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Azure Update Management: Reboot control

Today’s tip… Update Management has added a new option for update deployments. When you edit or create a new update deployment, there’s a field called Reboot options. You can use these to control if and when a machine will reboot. To learn more about this new capability, visit the documentation page.


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Azure management groups now in general availability

Today’s tip… We have announced the general availability of Azure management groups to all our customers. Management groups allow you to organize your subscriptions and apply governance controls, such as Azure Policy and Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), to the management groups. All subscriptions within a management group automatically inherit the controls applied to the management…


(Storage) Tip of the Day: Avere vFXT for Microsoft Azure now in public preview

Today’s tip… The Avere vFXT for Azure delivers new possibilities for running high-performance computing (HPC) workloads in the cloud. With this new software solution, you can now easily connect on-premises infrastructure to Azure compute or “lift and shift” file-based workloads in Azure to run between Azure blob in the same manner. Avere vFXT for Azure…


Tip of the Day: AzureSavesMoney PowerShell Module

Today’s tip… Clean up old and unused resources in Azure. Reports on the following resource types: Report on the following resource types: Unused Network Interfaces Unused Network Security Groups Unused Public IP addresses Empty Resource Groups Old Resource Group Deployments Classic Alerts on resource no longer available Log Alerts on resource no longer available Unused…


(RDS) Tip of the Day: Free eBook – The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure eBook – August update is now available

Today’s tip… FREE eBook available for download now!   We are pleased to introduce the new and updated Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure eBook. Featuring extensive updates since the last update, the new eBook is designed to help you get up to speed with Azure in the shortest time possible and includes practical real-world scenarios….


(RDS) Tip of the Day: Azure.Source – Volume 43 – Keep current on what’s happening in Azure, including what’s now in preview, generally available, news & updates, and more.

Today’s tip… Now in preview Announcing public preview of Azure IoT Hub manual failover feature – IoT Hub cloud service manual failover enables customers to failover an IoT hub instance from its primary Azure region to its corresponding geo-paired region with a recovery time objective (RTO) of 10 min–2 hours. The IoT Hub service provides…


Tip of the Day: Azure File Sync is now Generally Available

Today’s tip… On July 19th, it was announced that Azure File Sync is now generally available! This is big.   Azure File Sync extends on-premises Windows Server File Servers into Azure, enabling our customers to quickly and efficiently start adopting the benefits of Azure while maintaining the local performance of their on-premises Windows Server. Essentially,…