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Tip of the Day will be on our holiday break. We’ll return in the new year with new tips for you. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season! ~Your Tip of the Day Family


Tip of the Day: Emoji8

Today’s tip… Interested in Machine Learning? Here’s a fun way for you and your potentially non-tech-savvy friends to learn! From the blog post: What is Emoji8? Emoji8 is sample UWP application that uses Windows Machine Learning to evaluate your facial expressions while you imitate a random selection of emojis. The app takes in a video feed from…


Tip of the Day: Products Reaching End of Support for 2019

Today’s tip… Ever wonder where you can find out what products are scheduled to reach end of support? The Microsoft Lifecycle Policy has that information and so much more! “Products reaching End of Support for 2019” – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4316957 “Products reaching End of Support for 2020” – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4470235 Interested in what reached end of support this…


Tip of the Day: Desktop App Assure

Today’s tip… Are you nervous about the upcoming end of servicing for Windows 7? Do you have an application compatibility issue that is preventing you from upgrading to Windows 10? Do you have an application that is ready for Windows 10, but something else is blocking you from upgrading? We have a solution for you:…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Leverage Azure Security Center to detect when compromised Linux machines attack

Today’s tip… When an attacker compromises a machine, they typically have a goal in mind. Some attackers are looking for information residing on the victim’s machine or are looking for access to other machines on the victim’s network. Other times, attackers have plans to use the processing power of the machine itself or even use…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Get started with Power BI service (app.powerbi.com)

Today’s tip… This tutorial helps you get started with Power BI service. For an understanding of how Power BI service fits in with the other Power BI offerings, we highly recommend that you start by reading What is Power BI. In this tutorial, you complete the following steps: Find other getting started content for Power…


(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Simplified restore experience for Azure Virtual Machines

Today’s tip… Azure Backup now offers an improved restore experience for Azure Virtual Machines by leveraging the power of ARM templates and Azure Managed Disks. The new restore experience directly creates managed disk(s) and virtual machine (VM) templates. This eliminates the manual process of executing scripts or PowerShell commands to convert and configure the .VHD…


(Compute) Tip of the Day: Avere vFXT for Azure for HPC workloads now generally available

Today’s tip… We are very excited to share the general availability (GA) of Avere vFXT for Azure. This culminates months of effort beginning when Microsoft welcomed Avere to the Azure family earlier this year. Customers can now leverage the Avere vFXT to run their high-performance applications in Azure.  Avere vFXT for Azure provides a cloud-based…


Tip of the Day: Cross-channel emotion analysis in Microsoft Video Indexer

Today’s tip… Many different customers across industries want to have insights into the emotional moments that appear in different parts of their media content. For broadcasters, this can help create more impactful promotion clips and drive viewers to their content; in the sales industry it can be super useful for analyzing sales calls and improve…


(Cloud Security) Tip of the Day: Control and improve your security posture with Azure Secure score

Today’s tip… Secure score is a security analytics tool that provides visibility of your organization’s security posture and helps to answer the most important question, “how secure is my workload?” Secure score takes into consideration the severity and the impact of the recommendation. Based on that information, it assigns a numerical value to show how…