(RDS) Tip of the Day: General availability of instance size flexibility for Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances

Today's tip...

Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances is a new feature that makes your reserved instance purchasing and management even simpler by applying reservation discounts to different virtual machine (VM) sizes within the same VM group.

With instance size flexibility, you don’t have to deploy the exact same VM size to get the benefit of your purchased Azure Reserved Instances (RI) as other VM sizes within the same VM group also get the RI discount.

For example, consider the following VM groups:

If you have purchased 1 Azure Reserved Instance for a D2s_v3 VM, then the following VM Instances could be covered through your reserved instance purchase if they are in the same region:

  1. 1 Standard_D2S_v3
  2. 2 Standard_D4s_v3
  3. 4 Standard_D8s_v3
  4. 8 Standard_D16s_v3
  5. 16 Standard_D32s_v3
  6. 32 Standard_D64s_v3

To get started, please see our documentation to learn how to toggle instance size flexibility option for Single Reserved Instance.


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