Tip of the Day: OpenSSH, Tar, and Curl

Today's tip...

In keeping with the PowerShell-Linux vibe begun in yesterday’s tip, let’s highlight some of the other 1709/1803 work by the PowerShell team that you may have missed.


OpenSSH Beta introduced on v1709

OpenSSH is a collection of client/server utilities that enable secure remote login, remote file transfer, and public/private key pair management. It’s an extremely powerful tool that originated as part of the OpenBSD project, and has been used for many years across the BSD, Linux, macOS, and Unix ecosystems.

More at Using the OpenSSH Beta in Windows 10 and Windows Server


Tar and Curl Come to Windows

Tar is a command line tool that allows a user to extract files and create archives. Outside of PowerShell or the installation of third party software, there was no way to extract a file from cmd.exe.

Curl is another command line tool that allows for transferring of files to and from servers (so you can, say, now download a file from the internet). *(Wow, BBS flashbacks anyone?)

More at Tar and Curl Come to Windows!

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